AiML news 1998

December 7, 1998: Book Announcement: Displaying Modal Logic, Heinrich Wansing

Heinrich Wansing's Displaying Modal Logic is available now. To wet your appetite, here's a brief blurb from the publisher's web site:

"This is the first comprehensive introduction to Display Logic in the context of generalized Gentzen calculi. After reviewing several standard and non-standard sequent-style proof systems for modal logics, the author carefully motivates and develops Display Logic, an important refinement of Gentzen's sequent calculus devised by N. Belnap.

"A general strong cut-elimination theorem is proved that covers a large class of display sequent calculi. Moreover, a proof-theoretic semantics of the modal operators is developed. Proof-theoretic characterizations are also obtained for the logical operations of systems associated with Tarskian structured consequence relations. These systems include constructive logics with strong negation.

"Using the embedding of intuitionistic logic in S4, display calculi are presented for certain subintuitionistic logics that may be used as monotonic base systems for semantics-based non-monotonic reasoning. Eventually, a first-order display calculus is defined. Its modal extension is general enough to avoid the provability of both the Barcan formula and its converse."

November 3, 1998: Postdoc in Modal and Computational Logic

The School of Mathematical and Computing Sciences and the Department of Philosophy of Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, are offering a postdoctoral fellowship in Modal and Computational Logic. This position is for 1999 and 2000. The fellowship includes an allowance to help the successful candidate relocate to Wellington. The fellow will be expected to work on modal logic or a close relative in computational logic (such as dynamic logic or process algebra).

Victoria University has an active logic group: Robert Goldblatt, Rod Downey and Colin Bailey in Mathematics; Lindsay Groves and Ray Nickson in Computer Science; Max Cresswell and Edwin Mares in Philosophy. The successful candidate will be expected to work together with members of this group and to participate in our interdisciplinary logic seminar series.

Send a C.V., cover letter and a sample of your work to Barbara Marriott, Human Resources, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Victoria University of Wellington, P.O. Box 600, Wellington, New Zealand before Tuesday 1 December 1988. For more information, send email to or

The position has been filled.

October 27, 1998: Non Classical (Modal) ATP System Comparison

The TABLEAUX-99 Non Classical (Modal) Systems Comparison (TANC) will be held in conjunction with TABLEAUX-99, June 7-11, 1999, to stimulate ATP system development in non-classical logic, and to expose ATP systems to interested researchers. For further information, visit the TANC site at

October 23, 1998: ENRAC Discussion on Modal Logic and Knowledge Representation

Last year, Studia Logica published a note by John McCarthy entitled `Modality, si! Modal logic, no!' The Journal of Logic, Language, and Information recently had a special issue on modal logic, including an editorial by Heinrich Wansing with the title `Modality, of course! Modal logic, si!' The Electronic Notes on Reasoning about Action and Change (ENRAC) Newsletter proposes to open this controversy to an open debate. If you are interested in contributing to the discussion, please visit and sign up to the newsletter.

October 21, 1998: Re-designed AiML Web Site Launched

The re-designed AiML web site has been launched today. It is still incomplete, but we're working to complete it as soon as possible.

October 18, 1998: AiML'98 Best Paper Award Winner Announced

The winner of the AiML'98 Best Paper Award is Alexandru Baltag; the title of his award winning paper is STS: A Structural Theory of Sets.

October 17, 1998: Location of AiML-2000 Fixed

At the business meeting at AiML'98 in Uppsala it was decided that AiML-2000 will be held in Leipzig, Germany, in October 2000; the exact dates will shortly be announced.

October 17, 1998: Extension of AiML Advisory Board

The AiML Advisory Board has been extended with five new members. We welcome Sergei Artemov, Kit Fine, Dov M. Gabbay, Hiroakira Ono, and Rohit Parikh to the board. Consult the background page for details.