This page contains general information on the Advances in Modal Logic initiative.

Advances in Modal Logic is a bi-annual conference and book series in Modal Logic. The aim of the conference series is to report on important new developments in pure and applied modal logic, and to do so at varying locations throughout the world. The book series is based on the conferences.

Steering Committee

The continuity of the initiative is guaranteed by the installation of a Steering Committee. Its current members are:


Advances in Modal Logic is an initiative founded in 1995 by

Our start-up document is still available.

Former members of the Steering Committee are:

From 2009, Program Committee co-chairs serve on the Steering Committee from X-2 until X+6; local organising chairs serve from X-2 until X, where X is the year of their conference.

Until 2002 the Steering Committee was backed by an Advisory Board consisting of a number of people, serving 4 year office terms: