AiML-ICTL 2000

The third Advances in Modal Logic workshop was held in conjunction with ICTL-2000 at the University of Leipzig, October 4-7, 2000.

Local organization:

Frank Wolter and Holger Sturm

Programme committee:

Franz Baader, Howard Barringer, Marcelo Finger, Nissim Francez, Dov Gabbay, Greg Restall, Maarten de Rijke, Heinrich Wansing (chair), Frank Wolter, Michael Zakharyaschev.

Call for papers: [ PS ]

The invited speakers included Nuel Belnap, Stephane Demri, Silvio Ghilardi, Giuseppe de Giacomo, Mark Reynolds, Krister Segerberg, Colin Stirling, and Moshe Vardi.